Happiness starts at HOME

As a hometown Southern girl, I spent my childhood traveling the East Coast, picking through junk stores and thrift stores long before it became mainstream! I bought my first 1920 Bungalow almost 20 years ago and re-designed it from the ground up. My niche is Farmstyle, but I have expanded to many other designs and built and decorated multiple gorgeous projects. I love to help my clients create a space that not only captures their personality but is also functional. As a mom of 4 boys, I know the need for a “clutter free” space. My mission statement is to create an affordable service that gives clients a little “piece” of the magazines and tv shows they drool over!

How I got started

Building my most recent home with my husband, we took the project from a sketch on paper all the way to the end. We picked every single finish, design, layout and color. We set out and found the perfect piece for every inch of our home. Through this journey, I realized how much a happy, organized and beautiful home can enrich peoples’ lives. We want to bring this feeling to people and show them it can be an affordable option for them too.

My style

My designs and decorating advise tends to allow for a lot of my clients personality to come through. From traditional to farmhouse to funky…I can create a space that SCREAMS unique, while having CLASS in every corner.

Learn More About Our Services

I’ve dreamed and visiualized my life into the place it is right now!

Willows & Rust is committed to giving you the space you want with a price point you can live with!

I’ll link fashion, health and home decor tips as well as lots of humor to lighten it up!! Enjoy! Xoxo

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