That one time we decided we needed to add a dog to our chaos!! BEST DECISION EVER! Meet Scarlett Rose..

When we decided to get a dog, I had no idea we would actually be getting another toddler! She and Alexander spend their days playing, teasing and fighting and Thomas just seems to watch, taking it all in for the day he can participate..she has a human personality..and is so much fun!

I saw this breed on Instagram and fell in love with her teddy bear like coat and rave reviews of being calm, smart and great with kids..I was worried as it wasn’t a breed I was familiar with, so I found the original breeder and put a deposit on a dog! I was elated! I rushed to to tell Tyler about it and he was so excited! First questions..when and where was she located? My response- “there is a 1.5 year wait and Canada!!” As his excitement dwindled, I was puzzled as to why (lol) but he quickly explained.. She wasn’t coming anytime soon and being the man, he wanted to know the logistics of how we would get her. I just played on his adventerous side and enticed him back with the promise of a trip to Canada (in the Fall)!!

After that initial conversation it was pretty out of sight out of mind—until the email finally came with pics of the new litter! We picked the pup and had to begin the planning to bring her home. It’s funny, I think more time and possibly more money went into the purchase of this dog than into our home births!

First problem- she wasn’t just in Canada, she was in the farthest away part of Canada imagineable and second, I hadn’t read the fine print and had no application filed with the CDC to pick her up at 8 weeks..oops! I guess maybe we aren’t going a trip…

Upon further research I realized that our choices would have to involve a 4-8 week training program because we couldn’t bring her home without her shots! We also wouldn’t be able to bring her in the cabin because she would be too big…Whaaaatttt?? With this training the price of the pup doubled…

You would think I would procrastination and failure to read an entire email all the way through had just landed us a real true, trained and expensive “designer” dog!!

My momma taught me there is always a silver lining and it is what it is! I’ve been effective at teaching this mindset to Tyler and the kids and turns out we couldn’t have planned it better! She is perfect, she is sweet, she is potty trained and she listens (when she wants to)..she is Alexander and Thomas’s “best friend” and the added estrogen this house of boys needed!!