I absolutely love looking at all of the amazing holiday family photos! For YEARS I have especially adored the matching pajama pics (http://www.hannaandersson.com/family-matching-pajamas/) So this year..along with my sister in law, we decided to join in on the fun!

I definitely started to prepare early and we bought our tree the day after Thanksgiving, what are P.J. pics without a tree!

This year I loved our tree! I wanted a little different feel this year without breaking the bank,  so I simply added some red and black touches and voila, it took on a whole new look! I finally mastered using ribbon as garland by using pipe cleaners to secure and create the look I see in magazines.

The funny thing was, despite all the “planning” the tree remained naked until the night before the shoot! I thought I’d made a huge mistake- but in hindsight it kept the kids away long enough to get some great shots! I now currently spend my days trying to perfectly rearrange everything they remove…lol

Behind the lens, our pics where chaotic! My sis and I decided to dress up the dogs, whom had never met and so when they did they seemed to run in circles playing and slobbering everywhere!! The kids were adorable- for about 5 minutes. Once they got restless, the constant whining insued! It may have had something to do with the sugar crash from the bribing we did the ENTIRE time for perfect smiles in exchange for cake pops!

Shockingly…the pics were amazing, we look peaceful and organized! Even Scarlett Rose smiled. Our photographer was AMAZING!

I decided at the last moment that I wanted a romantic setting to take some photos with my stud of a husband! It is pretty easy to create a little “back drop,” even at home!

I just grabbed a few things around the house and made a great spot! One of my favorites of the shoot ended up being there.

Looking at these photos I am reminded how perfectly imperfect our amazing life is! How through the chaos of raising four boys, the pure JOY radiates on camera. The pajamas from http://www.hannaandersson.com/family-matching-pajamas/ of course helped a ton!

Even if you can’t book a photographer on short notice this holiday season, get creative and capture the moments! Even if you throw together a spot with a little tree and a throw blanket- snuggle up with your family- relish in the crazy moments- set your iPhone on delay and snap some shots- I hope you see the same thing we did..

Merry Christmas