How crazy life can seem sometimes. I often find myself getting distracted with kids, laundry, work…and I forget how important those sweet quiet moments are with my husband. I don’t know about other women, but when the kids are driving me nuts, the dishes are dirty, the blog is behind, the tree needs to come down, etc etc…sometimes he is the last thing on my mind. However, one thing he is really good at is not letting the romance die, he forces me to shut it out and take time for a sweet make out session or a cup of coffee to just talk about our day. This year, while trying to decide on Christmas, I remembered our Christmas trip to NYC! Alexander was only 7 weeks old, but we braved the cold and had a marvelous time!

Being from Florida, I find it lacks that “feeling of Christmas” and so this year I booked a surprise trip to Chicago! Just us..and it was the best DECISION ever! Being it rarely gets below 70 here in Florida, I found a few great places for affordable winter duds. Altardstate was a great spot! I found so many pieces for layering and this adorable camo jacket was so cute and cozy. I was told that comfy walking shoes were a MUST and my Jeffrey Campbell booties were just perfect (ps they are on sale!!)…this pea coat was so warm with a dress or jeans and just ADORABLE! I found lots of great scarves and hats at Nordstrom too! I am OBSESSED with these black motto leggings too!


We flew in on a Saturday morning and planned 3 nights there. The second we drove out of the driveway kidless, the flirting was instantaneous. We both love to see and explore new places and seeing as I surprised him, he was smitten!



Chicago has so much to offer! The architecture is incredible (that was my favorite part). It is clean and has so much history. We even found an awesome outdoor German market complete with Krampus!



I searched for a real life gangster, but sadly it seems they are hiding these days. We drank and shopped our way around the town, but only the first day, we were quickly reminded we aren’t 21 anymore when we both woke Sunday feeling less than perfect.




We stayed at the Langham and OMG, I couldn’t have imagined a more gorgeous place. The whole experience leaves you wanting to stay longer! They hit every detail right on the head and had 3rd night free through American Express!! We are hotel snobs, and this place is AMAZING! Their in room breakfast can nurse any hangover…


We explored the City thoroughly and got super lucky with 40–50 degree weather! We went and got tattoos we have wanted for awhile (don’t worry, we researched the place first) and had an all around incredible time.


Not everyone can get away for a weekend, but everyone can take the time to sneak away with that special someone, even if it’s only for dinner. Sometimes when we are busy and get those couple of hours away, instead of spending money on dinner, we grab a reasonable hotel room and some room service..try it sometime, your hubby will remember it for WEEKS!

We overuse the word “busy” I like to say it’s more what you choose to do with the time you have. Sometimes we have to tune out the kids, the dog, the work, the dishes, the t.v. show…they will all be there when you get back, and take the time to embrace the one who matters most. Even when I feel like my mom bun and sweats that I have had on way too long are atrocious, my husband still finds me sexy–this I ponder–but he does. So break out that dress and heels that make you feel the way he sees you everyday, find some poor soul to guilt into watching the kids and take the time you need together, it is SO IMPORTANT!