Spring is in the AIR!

I used to find myself getting very overwhelmed with the seasons and the work that would go into changing the decor! While I absolutely love decorating- I fall in love with certain pieces and I don’t want to spend my brain power constantly changing it around-

As Spring approaches, I have a few really fun and simple tips to keep things fresh without spending a lot of money or time.

1. Greenery- inserting some real or faux greenery sparingly into your current decor will brighten your display and scream Spring. You can pick up very reasonable pieces at your local Michaels and Hobby Lobby! If you have a green thumb, local nurseries are a great spot.

2. WHITE! Anytime you can bring in a splash of white it helps- this can be through a cute planter, pitcher, new frame or flowers. This time of year I really love hydrangeas or tulips to bring the pure gorgeous feel of Spring!

3. Re-arrange what you have! Sometimes swapping a photo or moving some things around on the shelf can bring a whole new little look. I love to do this. A lot of the look created just came from things around the house that I moved around and I love the results.

4. Wreaths inside! I love using my great flea market basket find to display a wreath! It gives me a quick way to change the seasons! You can create a space using an old large frame and swap your wreath out inside with season, snag a small floor standing wreath holder or a basket like I did. Michaels has a ton at 40% off right now!

5. De-clutter! With fresh a year and fresh flowers comes a fresh space! Those things you’ve had around for years and years- be brave! Toss them out, donate them or have a yard sale. Make room for some new fresh finds or just make room! We tend to to collect so much throughout the year. A clean de-cluttered space will allow you to love the space again.