FREAKIN’ WEEKEND! I live for the weekends..even though I am guilty of sometimes not knowing what day it is (though my 365 planner has helped with that)…I somehow ALWAYS know when FRIYAY is here! It’s like this internal little alarm that goes off…no car lines at school, hubby is home, kids are at friends..babies don’t know about it,  they still open their gorgeous little eyes EARLY (said with love!)..but there is no rush. I live for the morning coffee with Tyler and to sit out on our porch and just take those nice minutes in. I live for the fun BBQ festivals, picnics in the park, outings with, martinis in the middle of the day..just so MANY weekend favorites.

Being from Florida, we get super lucky to spend a lot of time outside. In the winter our weather is a little wonky and it can go from 40F in the morning to 70F by 11AM. So I have created some super versatile ideas that can go with the flow.

How many of you get to DATE your lover on the weekend? Get that sitter and have a night out on the town? Go shopping and then decide to extend to a great restaurant and a nice evening out? You need to have outfits that allow you to feel confident no matter what comes up.

You all know I am a huge fan of the 20 min makeover (in a previous post) and empowering women to feel AMAZING! So take the weekend to love yourself and feel your best!! You can DO IT! Add a little dry shampoo too and you can TOTALLY keep it simple…

What do I love more than my skincare and my Dyson hair dryer??? WEEKEND CLOTHES! All the different options that we can create! Weekends don’t have to mean you don’t have some fun style, right?

I wanted to give you guys a few of my go to outfits for the weekend!


I always love when I can find something that goes casual to dressy with a little jewelry and a quick shoe change too! That can always really help you be flexible and CHILL for the weekend. For example, this sporty little outfit turned into one of my most clicked on images by simply adding a little camo jacket and booties!

Casual to….





I hope this gives you guys some fun ideas! Check out these styles and more at