Sweet dreams little one…sadly you’ll wake up a day older tomorrow, but waking up to a special little place all your own will only manifest confidence and happy thoughts throughout your day!

Today I visited the Willows & Rust room makeover contest winner! Demi is the most precious little girl and she and her sister share a room! Doing this dream room makeover for such a special child brings me joy beyond belief! So, in the spirit of the KIDS, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve created here at Willows & Rust!

As a Mom, my little boys are the absolute most important thing to me…and I know the importance of having a great place for them to fall asleep each night and wake up each day.

Tonight I was changing Thomas for bed. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of accomplishment. I looked around and realized that I had created a perfect little safe place for him. From the spot I change him, to where I rock him, and the crib I get to put him in at night, it just felt GREAT…

Everyone has a different budget and different circumstances, but we ALL can create that place for our littles, even if it doesn’t all look like a magazine.

For the bedroom, I love a little set of high shelves with special trinkets on it. Things that may not be to play with, but that you can talk about with your little one and show them each night. I love to tell Thomas what the little things say on his shelf and what time it is on his clock. He really loves it.

STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE! We added a fun set of built ins to this space to bring some extra storage to a wasted little space!! Really LOVE how it turned out.

Once they get a wee bit older, it’s really fun to put things that they pick on their shelves. Alexander is 3.5 now, so he very much has an opinion on what we put on his shelves and what animals get to sleep on his bed. I love using their closet for storing toys. Most of the time their clothing fits nicely in drawers with a few hanging items, so being able to store/hide things in the closet is a MUST. Oh, and he decided to retire my precious trinkets recently with a bearded dragon…DESIGN FAIL!! (LOL)

Bedding really sets a room apart. I am not a fan of “themes” but I do love to change out their sheets and comforters to show what they are in to! Thomas is obsessed with “good girls” his word for every animal, and Alexander is all about the DINOS..so I am able to show their changing personality through fun linens!

As they move into the tween/teen age group, it can be really fun to choose their favorite colors or sports team. It has been fun doing some teenage projects recently. Finding cool bedding and hearing RAVES from my clients that they LOVE how comfy their beds are is such a thrill. With boys, grey/oranges/blacks and whites seem to be safe bets. The girls LOVE rose golds/whites/teals/creams and anything BOHO!

NOW! How do you keep their rooms looking pristine? Well if it is feasible, create a play room! I like to create GREAT playrooms for clients so that some of the craziness can be contained to one space! In our house, it makes it way throughout every room, but I love having that “spot” for when I go mom crazy and need to not see another toy as long as I live. I just move it all there and shut the door!

You want a space that can be organized so the kids know where to find things and can also know where to put things back! I LOVE labels or bins for this type of thing…works wonders.

I have little boys, but I think all kids loves tents and forts! It has been a HUGE success around our house and it is a GREAT place to store stuffed animals too.

Reading should be a HUGE focal point, if fosters so much growth and stimulates those little minds so well. Creating a spot to relax and read a book or look at pictures is GREAT! Same holds true for giving them a place to color and draw that you don’t have to worry where the marker is going to end up!

Thinking back on 12 years ago when I had my first son, I had such a tight budget. I remember painting this really cool circle on the wall and sitting for hours to draw the perfect set of pictures to put around it to complete my design. This was before I was in this business, before Pinterest, before all the cool selfies and instant photos (which is why I don’t have a pic). Funny, I still saved FOREVER to get his bedding from Land Of Nod, which I still love to this day, but the point is…my heart desired for him to have a special place. You can take what is in your heart and by figuring it out or asking me for help, you can manifest that into the place that your little angel goes to sleep each night and wakes each morning safe, happy and secure..don’t miss the chance to embrace and capture their little personalities in the very first places they get to express who they are.