I think the #1 thing I hear from clients is “I don’t know where to start.” That statement is the inspiration behind this blog post and my desire to help you with some quick tips on creating an awesome vision for your space!

As we embark on defining or re-defining a space, it seems we usually have at least 1 item that we are IN LOVE with. Whether it is already in our possession or on a website, we have that THING that is inspiring us or directing us in some way.

So let me give you guys my TOP 5 tips for finding your vision

  1. Develop a mood board
  2. Organize your thoughts through an online tool like Pinterest or Houzz
  3. Hire a designer to give you traditional services or use E-Decor service for a budget friendly way option
  4. Don’t RUSH. It takes time to find the perfect pieces, wait for them
  5. STOP– once you’ve made up your mind, STOP looking.

We all think different thoughts when we think mood board. But regardless if you’re developing a vision for a new business brand, bathroom, kitchen or back yard..they are a reflection of you. A mood board can be full of colors, textures, specific pieces and anything that you see that makes your heart pitter patter. Below I’ve listed some examples of personal mood boards I’ve created.  See the textures and colors..I didn’t put any specific items you see below in the space, but it gave me inspiration and a vision of what I wanted.

Pinterest and Houzz are both AWESOME sites to build idea boards. These can be full of specifics, DIY projects and even contractors in the area! I prefer Houzz because it is so much easier to link exact items for purchase. Sometimes, though I LOVE Pinterest, I feel like it is a dead end road to just click and buy an item! So I LOVE HOUZZ for this reason. You can build several folders for each space and it’s INCREDIBLY helpful.

As a interior stylist, there are SO many reasons I recommend using one. A full service decor firm usually runs somewhere between $125-$175/hour. To a lot of people this seems so expensive, but the reality is that so much of their discounts get passed down to their clients. Because I 100% understand a budget, Willows & Rust offers E-Decor. This option is $250 per space and provides colors, room layout and links to each and every item for you to purchase! This is SUCH a great way to create a budget and a stress free approach! So their are lots of ways to use a decorator or designer while saving you money and time in the end.

Don’t RUSH! I love to scooter poot around and search for the perfect piece for every space. I know so many people want instant gratification, but it pays to wait. You will find yourself constantly changing and wasting your money if you don’t just hold out for what you want!

STOP!! “If you’re looking further than your decision, you will always second guess yourself.” I said this to a client last week and she wanted me to quote it and state it all over the world! LOL. She was second guessing everything. Don’t torture yourself..trust your gut (or your stylist) and STOP once you’ve created your dream space! (well at least until you want to re-design it in the future)

Some of my “room” inspirations were brought to life below. Can you guess the piece that was the inspiration for these rooms?

The Chair! I loved the chair and wanted to incorporate it.

The antique noodle board I wanted for a changing table.

My clients favorite saying hand-paintd on a large sign

The antique barn wood mirror in this foyer

This chandelier from Restoration Hardware

This pair of antique barn doors

This brick foyer