From a child, my father used to say I lived in “my own little world.” I was not a rule follower, I didn’t walk the straight and narrow. I dreamed of a life that was considered by some, “unattainable.” I wanted to be successful, but hated school. I wanted to have a perfect family life, but picked the wrong type of men. I had dreams to travel and move away from the small town I lived in, but lacked a plan. So how do you turn dreams into realty? How does one prevent their dreams from being brushed under a rug and settling?

I was lucky to meet my first husband when I was just 23 years old (that may seem odd to some divorcees, but hear me out). I just left a successful job and took a risk to start my first business. I had NO idea how I was going to make ends meet. I had no money, but I had a dream. He was from Turkey and moved to the U.S.A. not long before we met. He knew very little English, had no connections, no real plan, but he had a DREAM. I quickly noticed habits and values he lived by that would alter the rest of my life. The top 5 HUGE factors I witnessed that were pivotal to my future successes were:

  1. Do WHATEVER it takes. I used to feel so bad when I saw how hard he was working. Due to the lack of English, he was often taken advantage of. He would say he “had” to work that way to learn his trade because he had HUGE plans.
  2. TAKE RISKS AND TRY TRY AGAIN. Failing is learning. So many of us quit after 1 or 2 failed attempts, but it may be the 5th time that is the charm!
  3. TALK about your dreams DAILY. Even if you have NO clue how it will happen, tell someone your dreams and goals everyday, don’t allow YOURSELF to forget them, even for a moment.
  4. STAY THE COURSE. I know for me, I think about the real estate crash of 2008. At that time, it would have been so easy to walk away from what I had built, but I didn’t! Due to that, I was the 1 company in my trade still in business, and so EVERYONE was calling me…but what if I had given up?
  5. NEVER QUIT YOUR DAY DREAM. We all have something we would love to do, something that we know we could excel in. SO START! It may not always be the thing that is paying your bills TODAY, so you have to keep that dream going, even while your bread may be being buttered somewhere else.

He was a huge catalyst to show me that anything you put your mind to, you can accomplish. I realized I loved my small town, there were nice guys out there and if I worked HARDER than anyone else, I would accomplish my DREAMS. We divorced when Jacob was 3, but he remains a  great friend to Tyler and me. I will always be grateful for those lessons.

Today, I have created a life I love with a man I ADORE. Tyler, my current and last stud of a husband (LOL), share our dreams EVERYDAY. We talk about them before bed and when we wake up. We encourage each other, take risks together and keep adding to our DREAMS daily.

When we met, he was a HARD worker, and once I passed along these 5 key components, he DOVE feet first into building a phenomenal business of his own. I shared recently a story on our Monday morning coffee chat, and it is so relevant today. He started a business in erosion control. It manifested into maintenance and job site prep and suddenly he was getting requests for more and more land work (like grading and tractor work), though we didn’t have a This may all be gibberish to some of you, it was to me too, but just know that his original business idea was growing leaps and bounds. One night we were laying in bed and he said he had a very strange thing to tell me. He proceeded to share how as a little boy through his adult years, he would often pass by the CAT dealership and see the HUGE dirt movers (tractors) sitting out front. He said he would fantasize that one day he would own one, and low and behold his business was moving in that direction. Was this by chance? Do we bring about what we think about?  It gave me goose bumps and warmed my heart. HOWEVER, we still had to figure out so many details to get to that level. Well, guess what? He talked about that tractor everyday, he worked so hard doing small and what seemed to be insignificant jobs for his clients, he kept slow and steady doing whatever it took to gain the contacts and the experience and he NEVER quit his daydream. This marks his first week with his new RIG!

From a team of 2 to a team of 12!  A fleet of vehicles, countless lives changed through his amazing ability to lead his crews and pay them well. A fantastic father, a great husband, a dreamer and above all else A DOER!

You see, we are all designed to live our DREAM life. Where we get stuck, are in the details. I encourage you to take these 5 key tips and put them into action! From our tiny home in Riverview, barely making ends meet, to a COME BACK for the record books, we never quit our DAY DREAM! We now own 4 successful businesses and have our sights on so much more!

Never underestimate the lessons from each and every encounter in life and get out and DO YOU!!