People often ask me, how do you make time for everything you do! Well, for starters, I use my Create 365- The Happy Planner®! I swear by it and when I am not in it like a bookworm, I often fail at my attempts to tackle the day! It keeps me organized and task oriented for sure! I’m definitely considered part of the group of enthusiasts, #plannerbabes that LOVE all things planning! Check out Amazon or Micheal’s to shop for one you love!

In addition to this incredible tool, I find a motivating work space is an essential KEY! Having the space to work in and use my 365 Planner essentially go hand in hand!

I want to give you 5 key ways to create a work space that is not only efficient, but also motivating.

  1. Post your top goals EVERYWHERE! Whether it be a dream board, sticky notes, photos or pin boards, it is VERY important to keep your goals visual. I love this article on creating a dream board, it is exceptional!



2. Your space doesn’t have to be a separate room, but it does need to be neat and allow you to focus. So whether you have a designated office or a corner in your bedroom- make it a place that you have room to work. A spot for your Arbonne fizzie or coffee cup, and you feel at peace when you sit down. I love these small, simple spaces I recently saw on Pinterest. It goes to show you don’t need a fancy office to have a great work space.

3. Essential Oil diffuser! Okay, so this one may seem silly to some, but I swear by it! Depending on my mood, I will diffuse lavender to calm me down, lemon to wake me up and the list goes on! I am of course a HUGE fan of the Arbonne Essential Oils, but try it! It can totally make your little space a place where GREAT things are accomplished.

4. Time Block! One big thing that happens to all of us, is we don’t make the time to plan! It is scheduled on my calendar just like anything else! So block out your time to sit in your special place and plan those goals.

5. Last, don’t overthink it! Just by using the 4 things above, you can create and utilize a space that will allow you to get SH*T done and you’ll be shocked at the results.

I am currently re-designing a new office space in my home. I love my current office, but needed a space I can escape when the kids are home. I can’t wait to reveal all the details SOON!