SO!! I know you’ve all been waiting for me to tell you how excited I am to be expecting again..and I totally am…but I have to say a baby at almost 40 is not exactly what I planned.

Tyler and I had gone back and forth for awhile on another baby (mostly to see if we could have that girl!) I mean, all I want to do is decorate a little girls nursery of my own…but we decided with all the things we had going on, our age and the fact our boys were getting out of “baby” zone, we were ready to quit. Oh, and despite how gorgeous birth is, I honestly wasn’t over the moon about feeling that again either..

With Thomas being over a year, I decided to put him in his own little nursery instead of the make shift nursery I had created downstairs. As soon as I did, he stopped asking for his little 5AM comfort nursing and went on to start sleeping 12 hours a night!!

With running a million businesses and staying so busy, we were ELATED when we were able to set up our first “at home” date night! Our nanny took the boys home with her and we went to an awesome dinner and massages..we decided to spend the majority of our evening home so we could just enjoy our empty home..and a funny thing happened, we spent most of the time in our bedroom!!

Well…let’s jump forward a handful of weeks. I went shopping for a ton of new work out clothes at LuLu Lemon and just so happened to get the opportunity to meet my stud of a husband for lunch! We had margaritas and tacos and chatted about our buff summer bodies and how awesome we would look!! (Hyde Park has the best little spot called BarTaco, if you’ve never been, GO). On the way home, I was thinking it was strange I didn’t feel my period “signs” we had been so careful, I honestly figured I was just off cycle a bit. I made a decision to stop at a Family Dollar in Seffner (otherwise known as Methner)..SCARY PLACE!!! They didn’t even keep the tests on the floor, they were behind the counter and I just knew I was risking my life and the life of my teenage child waiting in the car for no reason…lol…

I got home and drank a big glass of water! I’d never used this type of digital test before (Methner Family Dollar was tech savvy I guess)…it flashed three little sections and suddenly the word PREGNANT popped up! I literally almost passed out. I cried myself to sleep and had NO idea how this happened, I mean I did KNOW how…it was DATE NIGHT GONE….CRAZY!!!

I plan to share more about the first days of finding out…the first trimester…the “gender reveal” and more..SO STAY TUNED!!