As promised, I have been keeping a good little diary of this whole “having a baby at almost 40” seems to be the new black. And why now, since we make such cute babies!!

It took me about 19 weeks to come to grips with being pregnant again and I am getting super excited (I am now 23 weeks). It is another boy despite my desires to have a girl. That news was a bit of a shock since my Dominican housekeeper had me sit on silverware buried under the couch cushions and clearly it was going to be a girl, lol.

My tummy has grown faster and the pangs of being pregnant seem to be slightly increased. It’s funny, I know 13 months doesn’t seem long since I was pregnant with Thomas, but I feel like I can feel my age this time a bit more.

The first trimester was rough. I was exhausted, my sex drive was non-existent and I felt SO fluffy! I hate that time when your clothes feel tight but you don’t “look” pregnant. I know during those weeks people want to ask, but they are afraid…

Going into the second trimester has been so much better! We found out the sex at only 12 weeks through the Harmony test (highly recommend) and picked a name for our little man. Sex drive is back in full force (Tyler is very happy about that) and I found a way to feel sexy again. I look back at previous pregnancies to help with that too, I always beat myself up and I am committed to remembering that this an awesome time and 100% MY LAST, so I WILL ENJOY IT!!!

I have been really having fun with the fashion side again recently, I forgot how fun it is to use the BUMP as an accessory vs a nuisance. Wren & Ivory, Chicwish and Free People have been AWESOME for pieces that aren’t maternity, but comfy and bump friendly.

I plan to keep sharing posts, pics and tips to get any momma young or aging through this awesome experience of being pregnant.

Stay tuned!