AWell…let me start by saying I haven’t exactly coined myself a “plant lady” just yet..I have managed to create a succulent haven and keep my lemon tree alive for 3 months..but compared to my previous attempts, I’m about as green thumb as they come in my mind!

Something I never realized is how rewarding and calming it is to be a plant mom. Caring for them and watching them change so much has really been a cool thing to witness (and they don’t whine or play in their ????)

I started with one little succulent I found at a flea market. I thought it was so cute (mainly I loved the container) and I cared for it, watered it, stared at it lovingly and…it died!

I did a little research after this heartbreak and I was over-watering them. Since then, my porch is a happy place to be.

Tips on raising succulents:

1. Don’t overwater them. Once every 2 weeks is usually plenty. I plan the 1st and 15th of each month (it helps me cope with the amount of bills also due on that day) lol.

2. Sunlight- they can survive well inside and in the shade, but they still need to be able to get their dose of Vitamin D.

3. Use good soil made for them and keep their roots dry. Either by using rocks or a container that allows for drainage.

4. They GROW like weeds. I now take little cuttings and create new ones all the time, just be sure to check if the species will adapt. Many of them you can just take a piece and stick it in dirt and it will take off

5. Love them! Don’t worry, this part is easy.