So, confession: I have a love/hate relationship with decorating for the seasons. I know it is shocking, since I adore decor and design, but I fall so in love (perhaps my hubby would say obsessed) with getting every little thing in my home just perfect, so when it’s time to change it up, it tends to disrupt my feng shui.

Then after adding in wanting to entertain my kids desire to have all of the cheesy things around, my interior stylist radar goes berserk. I have a feeling some of my readers may share this anxiety, so I wanted to give some quick tips on how to avoid the stress of changing things around and fall in love with decorating for the seasons.

1. Pick a color scheme that flows. There are a ton of conventional and non conventional color combos for every season. I have more light and neutral colors in our home, so instead of doing the typical fall color pallet, I went with colors that complimented my already existing pieces.

2. Don’t feel you have to re-organize everything! With kids and a busy routine, the idea of taking 5 days to break down my home just to re-do it didn’t seem feasible. This year I just added to my already existing decor and boy was it a cinche.

3. Pillows! Truly, the right throw pillows literally change an entire space! So rather than buying 100 more pumpkins or Christmas trees, I found the perfect throw pillows that will take me through until Spring!

4. Pin away! Create a board that speaks to you and FOCUS on one project at a time! DIYs, sale bins, and discount stores can really help you so it all in a budget!

I hope this helps you with some quick and easy tips! I had a blast this year just keeping it simple.