In Person Interior Styling

Willows & Rust is a residential interior styling firm, which focuses on bringing a gorgeous look to all of our projects at a price our clients can live with. Our mission is to commit to creating spaces that are a true reflection of the clients living in them. We make houses into homes, and bring happiness to every clients’ life. Through our in-person styling, we are available to assist in all aspects of a styling project from start to finish. We love to work with architects and builders from the start to get what you want out of the space you design. From furniture, fabrics, accessories, special finds and custom pieces, we want to help you create a space that is unique and special just to you.

Here’s how it works:

Please follow the link below to fill out all necessary information about your project. Once we look over each questionnaire, we will reach out to you to set up a consultation to discuss your dream home further.

Set Up A Consultation


One of the things that many clients are concerned about is the cost of a interior stylist. Through lots of trial and error, “Willows & Rust” has started to offer E-decor services. As you embark on this process, we know you are looking for your own “Willows & Rust” designed room. We strive to keep every project in line with our unique brand, quality and design. The goal is to make sure Willows & Rust offers the best and most unique products to our clients. We also take into account that the E-decor client can have a tighter budget than some of our traditional clients, so we have worked hard to find and source pieces that are in line with these budgets, but not compromise the quality of our design. This isn’t always easy, but we strive to provide it for each E-Decor client.

E-Decor is a special and very specific set of steps. It is done completely through email and online support. includes sourcing from our various resources, providing shopping links, finding or commissioning custom pieces, and offering a lot of vintage items from local vendors. This is what truly resonates with not only the Willows & Rust brand, but provides our clients with a well-designed and curated space. What draws clients to work with us is knowing that we do not want your space to feel generic and we are always mindful of individual budgets, to create the the perfect space. Our goal is to change the perception of what “e-Decor” is, and help clients understand the value of having a virtual consultant help you make the process quick and easy.

Here’s how it works:

Complete the design questionnaire below. Once we establish the budget and direction of the design, we begin to create a thorough design plan which includes the following:

Room layout board: So many of us are visual and have a hard time visualizing how different pieces will come together in a space. The room concept boards will allow you to see the room come together with colors, fabrics and pieces all in one place.

Planning the space: a detailed furniture layout plan, drawn to scale, which incorporates the room concept board. No more worrying if that dresser will fit in the room!

What to buy: this will guide you through the concept board and give you suggested items to purchase. The shopping list will be thorough and organized for you to easily get the pieces and items to complete the space.

Fill Out the E-Decor Questionnaire